What The Media Says

"Ruth Frendo... Star!"
The Sunday Times, 21st January 2007

"Ms Frendo has the rare combination of intelligence and allure that makes her ideal both as an interviewer and as a television personality."
The Sunday Times, 17th January 2010

Pandora - The Book

"Ruth Frendo and Charles Zarb have made an excellent job of collating the scripts of the programme, additional interview and a veritable compendium of information into one volume."
The Sunday Times, 15th November 2009

"Dead good! You've seen the series, now read the book, suggests Tanja Cilia."
The Times of Malta, 1st December 2009

"The publication of Pandora follows the success of the televised series which has the same name. ...The editing is intelligent, and consistent with a consequence that it is an easy read with a good rhythm. ...Pandora enjoys an attractive graphic presentation, has 144 pages and a number of suggestive images."
Mument, 13th December 2009

"The book Pandora is the ideal tool for anyone interested in the supernatural."
Nazzjon, 29th December 2009

"The book is immensely interesting and a good read. I am already looking forward to the second edition."
KullHadd, 10th January 2010

"If you're the kind of person who loves to cuddle up in bed with a blood-curdling book, then you should opt to read Pandora the book. ...The book is literally a verbatim version of the varied ingredients in the documentary TV programme presented by Ruth Frendo on One TV since 2007."
The Malta Independent, 30th January 2010

"I recommend this book to anyone interested in this genre as it most definitely is an interesting read. The production is a very good one and the cover is extremely attractive."
Mument, 27th June 2010

"A great number of viewers appreciated, and remained astonished, with the television programme Pandora. This is due to the occult subjects tackled. ...Pandora is an important and valuable book as the televised series. ...The book Pandora not only quenches the curiosity one might have, but is also packed with interviews and stories which generate even more interest."
Torca, 10th October 2010

Lilliput Series
October 2005 - up till date

"Lilliput is a great new children's television show that looks at different countries through the eyes of children. ...Lilliput takes children on a journey of discovery."
The Malta Independent, 26th September 2005

"Lilliput is like a breeze of fresh air."
Orizzont, 30th September 2005

"The flexible and original format makes Lilliput a unique children's series."
Gwida, 4th December 2005

"Lilliput ...a favourite travel programme according to many ...original, lively and varied."
The Sunday Times of Malta, 19th March 2006

"The popular children's series Lilliput always includes interesting features about different countries."
The Times, 24th March 2006

"Carmel Bonnici's brainchild is the original and successful kids' programme Lilliput."
The Malta Independent on Sunday, 4th February 2007

"Ms Frendo and Mr Bonnici have come up with another winning idea for a fresh summer attractive, jam-packed programme with interesting edutainment."
The Sunday Times, 15th July 2007

"Lilliput Submarine ...has the established presenter Ruth Frendo reading classical stories with Carmel Bonnici carrying out some gorgeous animation work."
Antenna, 21st August 2007

"Lilliput has been receiving rave acclaim from critics and televiewers alike."
Gwida, 2nd September 2007

"Lilliput... The best type of edutainment!"
Antenna, 22nd July 2008

"There has always been a need for a 'different' type of programme aimed for children. ...And now we have Lilliput which is filled with surprises, information, animation and stories, as well as a vox-pop with children."
Gwida, 3rd August 2008

"I personally recommend the series Lilliput presented by Ruth Frendo. Whoever is the mind behind the main idea is highly creative since the programmes are all interweaved with the most effective doses of entertainment and education. Even the production is very professional ...One has to see the series to fully appreciate the innovative, but simple style which is so expressive."
Torca, 14th September 2008

"ONE Television will be broadcasting a new series of programmes in the Lilliput series in summer. Lilliput Sketch will be presented by the familiar, well-loved trio of ex-school principal Mary Anne Zammit, Mariah Mifsud Bonnici and Ruth Frendo."
The Sunday Times, 22nd February 2009

"In the next television series, Lilliput is going for the first and finest option... The idea is to show home audiences how to draw simple things, and bring lines to life."
The Sunday Times, 19th April 2009

"Lilliput Sketch is brought to you by the same company who created the classic children' programmes Lilliput Travel, Lilliput Submarine and Lilliput Story; and also other popular programmes like Pandora and Anonimi. ...Lilliput Sketch will be the fourth in the successful Lilliput series."
The Malta Independent, 15th June 2009

"Lilliput is always interesting for its viewers. ...Let's just hope that this latest series' initiative and originality will catch on like the other Lilliput series."
Orizzont, 10th August 2009

"The production company behind Lilliput takes a different track this year, although the emphasis remains on making learning fun for children. Lilliput Lunchbox takes a 'stream of consciousness' look at the nutritious foods that ought to be in the eponymous lunchbox, rather than today's ubiquitous cereal bars and additive-laden drinks that are erroneously touted as healthy fare. ...Joining the team is a nutritionist who combines the day's topic with fun exercises."
The Sunday times, 4th July 2010

October 2007 - up till date

"I may not approve of some of the issues tackled, yet I find it intriguing."
Tanja Cilia, The Sunday Times, 14th October 2007

"Pandora is a supernatural programme with a twist."
KullHadd, 26th October 2007

"The new paranormal programme Pandora hosted by Ruth Frendo is filled with surprisingly fresh interviews and interesting, well-researched documentaries."
Gwida, 23rd October 2007

"Pandora (One TV) will be concluding the controversial interview with a vampire which has created such great interest on our islands."
The Sunday Times, 4th November 2007

"In the hit-programme Pandora Ruth Frendo hosts a number of distinguished guests who for the first time recount their very own paranormal experiences."
The Sunday Times, 9th March 2008

"Ruth Frendo has become a popular face behind the screen thanks to several productions namely Mona Lisa, Lilliput and an earlier version of Pandora. The most recent Broadcasting Authority survey has determined that Pandora has been the most-watched programme during its time-slot. It stands to reason that with such a successfully proven track record, ONE TV has chosen to continue featuring Pandora."
The Malta Independent, 16th August 2008

"According to the survey issued by the Broadcasting Authority, Pandora is the most popular programme during the slot it's transmitted in. The reason for this is because of the interesting and original content."
Antenna, 8th April 2008

"Pandora is the programme filled with interviews and reality spots related to the paranormal, as well as investigations of various interesting subjects. ...don't miss your appointment with Pandora."
Antenna, 17th February 2009

"Pandora is a well-researched, very original programme which I like to watch because of its unusual content. ...The production team always manages to find fresh subjects which are tackled professionally and not perceptually making use of superstitions or ignorance. On the contrary, usually it gives out useful information so that one can learn about unusual topics. Pandora is a unique programme on local television and I believe that the production team should be praised for this experiment which, in my opinion, has been a great success."
Torca, 29th March 2009

"During Pandora subjects such as life after death, magic, telepathy, UFOs, strange appearances and much more help make the programme a success story. Besides the footage, the presenter Ruth Frendo invites personalities who in a very sincere manner, and for the first time ever, reveal unusual happenings they encountered and thus making the programme more credible and a hit."
Gens, 25th July 2009

"The popular programme Pandora is always made up of investigations about the world of the paranormal as well as unusual subjects. This is the third consecutive year Pandora will be transmitted."
Orizzont, 7th September 2009

"Pandora is so popular in the surveys because of the mixture of features, interviews and paranormal experiences encountered by a number of personalities. ...One has to mention the high-quality production."
KullHadd, 8th September 2009

"According to surveys, Pandora is the most popular programme during the slot transmitted on out of all the other television stations..."
Antenna, 29th September 2009

"...people love mysteries especially if these involve human and emotional stories. The programme Pandora, which is focused in this genre, is supported by a very professional and interesting production."
Orizzont, 16th November 2009

"I have been following Ruth Frendo's career for a number of years, but my favourite programme is Pandora. I enjoy it since it tackles mysterious subjects such as the paranormal and supernatural."
Fiona Vella, Torca, 13th December 2009

"Pandora always investigates interesting subjects."
Antenna, 16th March 2010

"If you are intrigued with UFOs, aliens, probes; then don't miss Pandora."
Gwida, 21st March 2010

"Pandora has developed deep roots with its audience."
Orizzont, 14th June 2010

"The programme Pandora not only includes a number of distinguished local personalities exclusively talking about their paranormal experiences, but also has a good dose of documentaries, interviews and interesting spots."
Antenna, 12th October 2010

October 2006 - June 2007

"The Ruth Frendo/Carmel Bonnici tandem has come up with a relatively new idea: it is we viewers who decide about what the topics. This is based on the premise that viewers write in and describe typical and topical situations, which are then discussed in-studio with a panel of guests. Then there is the news-behind-the-news slot, which give the background information to subjects that we have always taken for granted."
The Sunday Times, October 2006

"Anonimi is an original, interesting and innovative programme. Bravo!"
Antenna, October 2006

"Anonimi is filled with interesting features apart from being a well-researched discussion programme."
Gwida, October 2006

"Anonimi appears to have been a hit both with its viewers and with TV critics, including this one."
Tanja Cilia, The Sunday Times, 31st December 2006

"Anonimi has attracted a loyal and numerous following ...thanks to the exclusive, well-researched features and the entertainment provided by top local performers."
The Malta Independent on Sunday, 31st December 2006

"Anonimi's success with the public is well deserved."
Gwida, 7th January 2007

"Anonimi ...guests are personalities and entertainment is guaranteed."
KullHadd, 28th January 2007

October 2005 - June 2006

"Otello is an original and innovative programme where 'unusual' individuals are invited."
The Malta Independent on Sunday, October 2005

"Otello is an exciting mix of chat, top personalities and events from Malta's past."
The Sunday Times, October 2005

"Otello is a new original programme aimed for the whole family. It is balanced with discussions, current affairs, nostalgia and interviews with 'different' locals."
Orizzont, October 2005

"It's not an easy feat to find colourful personalities week in week out. Yet Otello manages to do so, week in week out."
Orizzont, November 2005

"Otello revolves around humane stories. ...Otello features exclusive footage, interviews and surprises."
Antenna, 8th November 2005

"With Otello and after Mona Lisa, Pro.Motion, Ruth Frendo and Dr Toni Abela have created a programme which caters for that niche of individuals who make society more interesting."
Gens, 12th November 2005

"The invited colourful characters are the secret behind the programme's huge success."
Gwida, 27th November 2005

"Since its first transmission, Otello has been widely talked about because of its controversial stint."
Gwida, 5th December 2005

"Otello offers a wide range of emotions to its viewers."
Gwida, 8th January 2006

"Otello has become synonymous with exclusive interviews, surprises, information and entertainment."
The Malta Independent, 13th January 2006

"Otello has been described as Malta's favourite Friday-night television programme."
Gwida, 22nd January 2006

"Otello has clinched high ratings and the attention of a considerable number of viewers inspite of the competition."
The Sunday Times, 19th March 2006

"One cannot help but admire the effort poured into Otello."
Orizzont, 3rd April 2006

"Otello ...different and original."
KullHadd, 30th April 2006

"Ruth Frendo and Toni Abela present an interesting and surprising programme."
The Sunday Times, 21st May 2006

Mona Lisa
October 2004 - June 2005

"Mona Lisa is focused on women, but is well-targeted for everyone..."
KullHadd, 19th September 2004

"Mona Lisa has already garnered a considerable audience and this is just the pinnacle..."
Torca, 10th October 2004

"Mona Lisa is a popular programme because of its high-quality standard! ...There is more than one reason why it has become a phenomenon. The diversity of the subjects tackled, the choice of guests invited, the features included and above all, the colourful interesting personalities of the two main presenters, Ruth Frendo and Toni Abela."
Orizzont, 25th April 2005

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