In Production


October 2013 - up till date
Transmitted on One Television
26 minutes per episode
Format: HD
Language: Maltese
Genre: Culture/General Living

Not available for international distribution

Popcorn keeps viewers updated with what films are being shown at the local cinemas. Now in its third year, Popcorn has captured a vast and loyal pool of televiewers thanks to the exclusive features related with the fascinating world of cinematography. In addition to providing a spotlight on the movies produced by Hollywood, each week the programme also focuses on one classical movie and on on European movie. style. Popcorn delves into local films through interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and so forth. This makes our programme one of the most watched on the station!
Presented by Ruth Frendo and Mariah Mifsud Bonnici. 
Luckily, with animation, fantasy is your friend
Steven Spielberg
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