Episode Format: 4 episodes x 6 minutes 30 seconds 
Medium: Stop-Motion Animation
Format: HD
Language: Narration in English
Genre: Children
Target Audience: Preschoolers, Families
International Distributor: Bejuba! Entertainment
Status: Part-funded by 2013 Malta Film Fund

Teddyland ... The cuddliest place on earth!

Teddyland will be taking children on a magical trip to open their hearts and minds and show them what a beautiful place the world is.

Aimed at preschool children, this dialogue-free stopmotion series will be using a social and educational curriculum, whilst also taking in consideration the foundation stage curriculum.

Teddy bears from around the world, in different shapes, sizes and colors, live together in the cuddliest place on earth - Teddy Village also referred to as Teddyland. Since the teddy bears speak different languages, they can only communicate by using teddy sounds and with paw getures. Each episode brings a new teddy adventure which always bears a lesson.

Teddyland is an appealing exploration of life in general, which every preschool aged boy and girl can relate to. In this safe, colourful and sweet environment, the teddy bears learn how to communicate, make friends, show empathy, and generally learn those very important 'life lessons' from one another and from their everyday experiences. All this whilst developing the preschoolers' creative development and their understanding of the world. The series also tackles important issues, such as the promotion of anti-discrimination, peer rejection and bullying.

The situations encountered by the teddy bears are recognizable and comparable to everyday life, for both the preschool audience and also their guardians. All this added to the fact that the stopmotion animation is also a magical one with the stories feeling like fairytales. The funny twist is that the teddies do not only live in bedrooms and nurseries, but in their very own special village... And let's not forget that they are 'cool' teddy bears with modern clothes and accessories!

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